Do You Know the Warning Signs of a Main Line Clog?

Sewer pipe repair because of a main line clog in Escondido, CA.Are you concerned that you may have a main line clog in your home? Years of plumbing usage can cause debris to collect inside the sewer line. Also, if you have an older home, the main line could have collapsed from age, corrosion, or even mature tree roots that have grown into the side of the pipe. All of these circumstances can make it difficult for water and waste to move through resulting in a very messy situation.

When one of these kinds of clogs go unnoticed, it’s possible that raw sewage could flood your house or yard. That’s why it’s important that you know the warning signs of a main line clog.

Sinks, Toilets, and Floor Drains

Clogs that are located in secondary lines won’t affect other drains in the house. The obstruction is only going to affect how the sinks connected to that pipe. With a main line clog, you’ll experience bubbling or backups in drains throughout the house. For example, when you drain the bathtub, the toilet may gurgle.

Raw Sewage in Toilets and Sinks

This is a big indicator that you have a main line clog. Raw sewage should never make its way back into your home. The sewer line is designed to direct waste from the home and never come in contact with clean water.

Call for Local Drain Cleaning

At the first sign of a main line clog, you need to call a plumber for inspection, diagnosis, and possible sewer drain cleaning. A licensed plumber will examine the situation and provide you with your cleaning or repair options. At Escondido Plumbing Whiz, we recommend regular drain cleaning and inspection services to catch clogs in their earliest stages to prevent big problems. How often you need drain cleaning depends on my factors and should be discussed with your plumber.

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