Professional Sewer Repair and Replacement in Escondido, CA

Plumbers do so much more than unclog drains and fix leaky pipes. At Escondido Plumbing Whiz, our plumbers offer expert sewer services. Keep reading to learn more about our professional sewer repair and replacement in Escondido.

New Sewer Installation

Are you building a new home? If so, give us a call before you start this project. Our licensed plumbers can help you install new sewer lines for new construction projects and additions. Make sure your sewer pipes get installed and connected correctly. Give us a call to learn more! We offer free quotes and flat-rate pricing, so you always know what you’ll pay.

Sewer Line Inspection and Cleaning

It’s important to keep your sewer pipes clean and free of debris. Unfortunately, most people don’t pay much attention to their sewer system until it stops working well. By this time, you’re dealing with multiple drains backing up at the same time and other drainage problems. You could even end up with raw sewage in your home.

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to happen to you. With regular sewer cleaning and inspection services, you always know the condition of your sewer system. Sewer cleaning is a lot more affordable than sewer line repair or replacement. So, why not pick up the phone and schedule your annual cleaning today!

Affordable Sewer Repair and Replacement Options

Eventually, sewer pipes need to be repaired or replaced. This can happen as the result of old age, poor soil conditions, bad installation, or root intrusion. If your told you need sewer line repair, we know you want the best option that doesn’t have an outrageous price tag.

We’re not going to lie. Sewer repair and replacement is the most expensive plumbing problem you can have. However, thanks to technology there are cheaper ways to make these repairs than in the past. At Escondido Plumbing Whiz, we use trenchless sewer technology whenever possible to keep costs lower for our customers.

Trenchless sewer methods let us fix problems without digging up the existing pipe. Dig-and-repair methods cost more because of the labor involved and the restoration costs associated with putting your yard back together after the job’s finished.

To learn more about pipe bursting, pipe lining, and other trenchless methods, give us a call to discuss your project.

24-Hour Sewer Services in Escondido, CA

All of our sewer repair, replacement, and installation services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While not all sewer problems are immediate, if you do have a problem that requires replacement and installation, we’re ready to help.

For emergency services, call Escondido Plumbing Whiz to get a plumber to your place today!